Trail in Paradise

A unique and sensational adventure awaits you in the western heights of the Mauritian wilderness. Since 2011, the Dodo Trail has been an unmissable event for Mauritian and international runners. This race is renowned for its wild trails and its views that will make you forget the effort. Experience an extraordinary trail and discover the island like never before. Our extreme 50km race takes you through 8 different properties and on a quest to conquer 5 epic peaks. The challenge is real: you will have to get your plumage dirty to deserve the beautiful panoramic views. If the 50km is not yet for you, you can choose from one of the other 3 adventure trails that better suits you and join the flock on the starting line on July 16, 2022.


Become a Volunteer

The Dodo Trail owes its success to the invaluable help of its many volunteers who work alongside our committed, passionate team. We are deeply grateful for their efforts in the run-up to the event and over its two days of intensive activity. Volunteer with us by filling in the form below!