The Dodo Trail is committed to ensuring its activities are respectful of the environment and contribute to the development of the local community and Mauritian economy.

We strive to continuously improve the Trail and its social and economic impact.

We are committed to contributing to the following five pillars of sustainable development:











  • 1. We are committed to contributing to the following five pillars of sustainable development

    • Every one of our partners signs our Sustainable Development Charter. We also evaluate their performance and behaviour after each event, to assess their adherence to the charter’s principles.
    • We involve our stakeholders in an eco-responsibility brainstorm prior to planning each event.
    • We collect data on our impact, analyze it and use the resulting information to improve our outcomes.
    • We take the expectations of our stakeholders into consideration when making decisions.
    • We establish a priority scale of actions that is re-evaluated each year in the aim of becoming a fully eco-responsible event.
    • We strive to improve our activities and our results continuously over time.
  • 2. We believe in education as a vehicle for change

    • We take pains to explain and communicate our approach. Our aim is to persuade as many people as possible to adopt our values and join us in our commitment to sustainable development.
    • We educate, train and encourage our partners, suppliers, managers, volunteers, sponsors, trainers and other stakeholders to adopt sustainable and responsible behaviors.
    • Each of the participants signs up to our Eco-Trailer’s Charter upon registration.
  • 3. We contribute to social cohesion and solidarity within the local community

    • We make the event accessible to everyone, regardless of their cultural or ethnic origins, age or gender.
    • We encourage everyone to participate in the event’s organization and in its activities (including by volunteering for instance).
  • 4. We promote health, sports and nutrition

    • We promote healthy nutrition via an online pre-race program that is developed with advice from nutritionists.
    • We take the health of our trailers to heart.
  • 5. We fight climate change and seek to reduce our ecological footprint

    • Our activities are designed to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, notably by reducing consumption and opting for renewable solutions.
    • We conduct carbon assessments and implement remedial measures where necessary.
    • We work to rehabilitate Mauritius’ endemic and indigenous forest, while building strong relationships with local NGOs and gathering funds from our stakeholders.
    • We promote initiatives to restore the biodiversity of the land owned by our local partners and/or that the Dodo Trail crosses.
  • 6. Sustainable development informs the design, planning and implementation of each of our events and shapes our relationship with sponsors and partners

    • We seek to minimize the environmental impact of our and our partners’ promotional activities. All communications materials must meet the criteria that we have established for them.
    • We have an eco-responsible purchasing policy which includes a decisions-analysis grid.
    • We believe in the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).
    • Each of our contracts with our partners includes a sustainable development clause.
  • 7. We believe in the ability of sports events such as the Dodo Trail to promote local development and social solidarity

    • We aim to have a positive economic and environmental impact on the region.
    • We adhere to fair and responsible purchasing policies.
    • We contribute to the local economy.