Post-Race Newsletter 26th July 2015


Dear Trailers, Partners and Sponsors,

Perfect weather conditions, motivated runners, great entertainment and music, flawless logistics… We could not have asked more for another SUCCESSFUL edition! This year, 1,608 trailers, amateurs and professionals, participated in the Dodo Trail. Thank you for joining us in great numbers and positioning the Dodo Trail as an unmatchable and wonderful event!

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015: five times thank you!

Ze Dodo Trail team thanks all the sponsors of this fifth edition for their valuable support. A BIG thank you to the Mauritius Commercial Bank, our main sponsor. Hats off to our silver sponsors: Heritage Resorts, Phoenix Beverages Limited, Swan and the MTPA. And our bronze sponsors: the GML Think Green, Air Mauritius, Emcar Sports, Isostar, Apollo Branwell, Riverland, Palco, Eruption and Rentacolor, plus Dodo Travel & Tours, Farmstead, Les Moulins de la Concorde and Racing Madagascar.

We thank our sponsors who help us improve our logistics in order to offer an exceptional experience to our participants.

Top performing runners

As announced earlier this year, the Dodo Trail hosted more runners this year, be it local trailers, international and star trailers! This shows us that the Dodo Trail attracts more and more nature lovers and trailers. The 12 star runners lived up to their reputation and delivered a great performance!

Ranking of Xtreme Dodo Trail – men (50km)

  • Ricky Lightfoot [British] : 5:40:43.6
  • Thabang Madiba [South African] : 6:06:41.9
  • Simon Paillard  [French] : 6:08:03.9
  • Simon Desvaux de Marigny [Mauritian] : 6:08:03.9

Ranking of l’Xtreme Dodo Trail – women (50km)

  • Landie Greyling [South African] : 7:05:05.8
  • Sophie Blard [Reunion Island] : 8:24:39.1
  • Tatiana Bathfield [Mauritian] : 8:46:49.1

Ranking of Ti Dodo Trail – men (25km)

  • Quentin De Maroussem [Mauritian] : 3:33:18.8
  • Dimitri Poisson [Mauritian] : 3:51:38.2
  • Roshan TEELUCK [Mauritian] : 4:02:29.9 

Ranking of Ti Dodo Trail – women (25km)

  • Laura Orgue [Spanish] : 2:34:36.7
  • Maite Maiora [Spanish] : 2:39:45.1
  • Estelle CARRET [Spanish] : 3:27:30.6

Ranking of Mini Dodo Trail – men (10km)

  • Xavier Verny [Mauritian] : 0:49:31
  • Janot Fra [Mauritian] : 0:49:41
  • Bhuvish Lukea [Mauritian] : 0:51:07

Ranking of Mini Dodo Trail – women (10km)

  • Marie Perrier [Mauritian] : 1:07:34
  • Rachel Quéland [Mauritian] : 1:07:46
  • Lollos Rodseth RODSETH [South African] : 1:16:42

Ranking of Dodo Fun Run – men (5km)

  • Léo de Maroussem [Mauritian] : 0:16:38
  • Ludovic Mareemootoo [Mauritian] : 0:17:02
  • Cyrille Rasoamanana [French] : 0:17:03

Ranking of Dodo Fun Run – women (5km)

  • Marie Valerie Yolaine Wedekind [Mauritian] : 0:16:39
  • Kelly Ozoux [Mauritian] : 0:21:18
  • Elodie Dubaux [Mauritian]: 0:21:20

Congratulations to all dodo trailers!

A united team

Thank you to the 200 volunteers who were present on field all day long before, during and after the trail. Behind the scenes of the Dodo Trail, a team works 24/7 and makes sure that everything is ready for the D-Day. Among them, Dominique de Spéville Doger, Vany Mardiapoulle and Christophe Doger de Spéville. Ze Dodo Trail thanks them for the tremendous work done!

A special thanks to Jérôme Désiré, the animator of the Dodo Trail, who once again brought an amazing atmosphere to the famous event and to Rentacolor for the sound system and music at the beginning and finishing lines.

Striking tracks

Since 2011, the Dodo Trail has offered runners a unique experience in the most beautiful parts of the west coast. This year again, we had the chance to run through beautiful tracks. Ze Dodo Trail warmly thanks the landowners who have granted us the right to pass though their private land.

See you all next year for another amazing trail!

Pre-Race Newsletter

Handy information before the Dodo Trail!

Dear trailers, partners and sponsors,

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Shoes, clothes, bibs, bags, water bottles, accessories… CHECK! We hope that you are all ready for the Dodo Trail! Discover valuable and practical information for the 26th July!

Race pack collection: Saturday 25th July

The Dodo Trail team will distribute the race packs on Saturday 25th July to trailers between 10:30 and 16:30 at Riverland Sport Centre in Tamarin. Please note that no race packs will be distributed on the day of the race. However, on Saturday 25thJuly, it can be collected by a friend or family member. Also, payment must be finalised before the collection of the race packs. On Sunday 26th July, bibs must be worn at chest height.

At 16:30 sharp, the organisers of the Dodo Trail will hold a briefing on the forthcoming race. Moreover, in order to give trailers a glimpse of the D-Day, non-stop entertainment will take place at Riverland! So, be there!

Assistance bags

Assistance bags will be distributed to participants of the XDT, TDT and MDT. These bags should be used to put personal effects, except valuables, not exceeding more than 5 kg and must be collected at Riverland Sport Centre after the race because they will be destroyed within 48 hours.

Bus departure

For all races, except for the Dodo Fun Run, buses will be available from Riverland to the different starting points. Payment of Rs125 should before the D-Day.

Bus departure will be as follows:

  • 04h00 : Xtreme Dodo Trail (XDT 50km)
  • 06h45 : Ti Dodo Trail (TDT 25km)
  • 07h45: Mini Dodo Trail (MDT 10km).

An exciting day!

All necessary steps have been taken to ensure a flawless set-up on the day of the race. Important points to be noted are:

  • A parking space will be available at Paul & Virginie School, across the road to Riverland Sports Centre
  • The finish line of all 3 races as well as the start and the finish line of the Dodo Fun Run will be on the football pitch of the Riverland Sport Center in Tamarin. The finish setup will include showers, changing rooms, toilets, partners stands, marquees, bar and food court.
  • Prize giving Dodo Fun Run (DFR 5kms) and Mini Dodo-Trail (MDT 10Kms) : 13h00
  • Prize giving Ti Dodo-Trail (TDT 25kms) and Xtreme Dodo-Trail (XDT 50Kms) : 15h00
  • There will have lots of animation at Riverland during the day: kids’ castle, lucky draw, music etc… Moreover, our partners will help you discover great deals and interesting things on their stands! Our exhibitors are:
  • MCB
  • Heritage Resorts
  • GML Think Green
  • Sport Era
  • Helios
  • Riverland Sport Center
  • Garmin
  • Emcar Sports
  • Simis
  • Isostar
  • Veg Me !
  • Bite Me
  • Coco-up
  • Nabridas
  • Izumi
  • Baraka


You are all undoubtedly ready to go! Nothing can beat a beautiful day in the west of the island with magnificent scenery! Below is the schedule of arrivals and departures of the four categories of races:

  • 5.30am: Departure of XDT 50km at Le Morne
  • 8.00am: Departure of TDT 25km at the parking of Gorges de la Rivière Noire
  • 9.00am: Departure course of MDT 10km at Riverview Commercial Centre
  • 9.00am: Departure of DFR 5km at Riverland
  • 9.30am: Arrival of first runners of the DFR 5km (approximately)
  • 10.00am: Arrival of first runners of MDT 10km (approximately)
  • 10.45am: Arrival of first runners of TDT 25km (approximately)
  • 11.30am: Arrival of first runners of XDT 50km (approximately)
  • 1.00pm: Prize giving of DFR 5Kms and MDT 10kms
  • 3.00pm: Prize giving of TDT 25km and XDT 50km

The last press conference of Dodo Trail 2015

On Friday 24th July, The Mauritius Commercial Bank will host the last press conference of this edition at the MCB of St Jean. The organizers of the Dodo Trail and the MCB will officially present the star runners to the members of the press. This year, they come from different countries and in great number! The star runners are:

  • Ricky Lightfoot (UK)
  • Landie Greyling (SA)
  • Christiaan Greyling (SA)
  • Simon Paillard (FR)
  • Thabang Madiba (SA)
  • Laura Orgue (ES)
  • Maité Majora (ES)
  • Estrine Rasoa (MAD)
  • Anthonio Randrianantenaina (MAD)
  • Fabrice Hoareau (RUN)
  • Estelle Carrot (RUN)


See you all on Sunday 26th July!

July Newsletter


Here we are Dodo Trailers! After several months of organising this fifth edition, we are only a few days away from our famous race!

Registration is over

On Wednesday 24th June, registrations officially closed with a new record! 1570 participants will be part of our exciting adventure on Sunday July 26th! The Mini Dodo Trail (10 km) has registered the greatest number of participants: 948. It is followed by the Ti Dodo Trail (25 km) with 355 participants, the Dodo Fun Run (5 km), 172 participants and the Xtreme Dodo Trail (50km), 95 participants. Moreover, this year, participants come from over 25 countries including Australia, Germany, Denmark, Reunion, South Africa, Italy and the United States.

Ready to hear another great news? Our team is on the verge of breaking another record! The Dodo Trail 2015’s edition will host a bevy of world’s best trailers! This will for sure encourage our local trailers to give the best of themselves on July 26th!

The international trailers are:

  • Landie Greyling
  • Ricky Lightfoot
  • Christian Greyling
  • Simon Paillard
  • Thabang Madiba
  • Laura Orgue
  • Maïté Majora

The second press conference of the Dodo Trail 2015

On the 11th of June, Yannick Doger de Speville, Yan Maroussem and Dominique Doger de Speville hosted the second press conference of the Dodo Trail at MTPA’s headquarters in Port Louis. Partners and sponsors of the Dodo Trail as well as members of the press were present during the press conference which marked the launch of this fifth edition.

Our respective sponsors and partners shared their enthusiasm for this iconic race and the support they provide to Dodo Trail, for some, since the first edition. Moreover, we are happy that our sponsors encourage their employees to participate in the trail!

During the press conference, our team highlighted ecological measures that will be effective as from this edition. They are the following:

  • Glasses made of recycled plastic and reusable annually will replace disposable plastic cups.
  • 20 liters water bottles will replace 0.5 and 1.5 L bottles distributed so far during the trail.
  • A bin made out of recycled materials at Riverland to collect plastic bottles used during the trail. These will be subsequently collected for recycling, for example into polyester fiber, for the manufacture of sports shirt.
  • “Le Guide de l’Eco Trailer” will be available to participants in the Dodo Trail booklet and aims at showing the trailers the right moves to adopt before and during the race.

The last conference of the Dodo Trail 2015 will be held on Friday, July 24th at the MCB in St Jean.


The Dodo Trail is surrounded by several sponsors, all of them fully motivated to be part of our trail! Here is the complete list of our sponsors:

Gold Sponsor

The Mauritius Commercial Bank

Silver sponsors

Heritage Resorts, MTPA, Swan Group & Phoenix Beverages

Bronze Sponsors

GML Think Green, Air Mauritius, Emcar Sports, Isostar, Apollo Branwell, Riverland, Palco Trading, Eruption Studio & Rentacolor

Other sponsors

Dodo Travel & Tours, Farmstead, Les Moulins de la Concorde & Racing Madagascar

The Dream Team

Behind the scenes of the Dodo Trail, our team works non-stop! Year after year, the Dodo Trail team offers an extraordinary experience to the growing number of participants. We are pleased to introduce you to our team!

  • Yannick Doger de Speville: Marketing & Communication Director
  • Yan De Maroussem: Race Director
  • Dominique Doger de Speville: Volunteers & Logistics Director
  • Christophe Doger de Speville: Logistics & Administration Coordinator
  • Vany Mardiapoulle: Accounts & Administration Coordinator
  • Krish Hardowar: Logistics & Safety Coordinator
  • Jérôme Désiré: Animator & Race Coordinator
  • Tim Cartwright: Web Master
  • Fabien Halbwachs: Food & Beverages Coordinator
  • Joel Jullienne: Logistics Coordinator
  • Jerome Gourrege: Logistics Coordinator
  • Jean-Maurice Mamet: Race Time Coordinator
  • Laurence Goilot: Volunteers Coordinator
  • Kevin Nairn: Designer
  • David Camus: Medical-Staff Coordinator

More THRILL!!!

With the view of offering an outstanding race to participants, our team has brought forward a slight change to the Ti Dodo Trail (25km) and the Xtreme Dodo Trail (50 km). Participants will no longer run through the Chassé Senneville but through a more natural and wild path!

See you soon for more news!

June Newsletter

Coming up: more fun, more thrill!

Dear trailers,

Only a few weeks to go before the start of the fifth edition of the Dodo Trail! Our team is keenly preparing the second press conference of the Dodo Trail and other key elements of the fast coming trail! In the meantime, here are our latest news!

The official trailer of the fifth edition

At the end of May, zealous trailers and enthusiastic followers of the Dodo Trail discovered the trailer of this fifth edition, presented by our Gold Sponsor, the Mauritius Commercial Bank. The high definition pictures show the transcendent west side of the island with its panoramic and breathtaking views.

The video includes testimonies of famous trailers, among which, Ricky Lightfoot and Landie Greyling, male and female winners of the Xtreme Dodo Trail. Both of them will participate to the fifth edition of the Dodo Trail as star runners.

Produced by Eruption Studio, Bronze Sponsor of the Dodo Trail for the last four years, the 2min50 trailer can be viewed on our Facebook Page and our website.

The Dodo Trail, an “eco-friendly” race

After four successful editions and a growing number of trailers, reducing the environmental impact of the trail is, absolutely, one of our priorities. In partnership with the GML Think Green, Bronze Sponsor of the Dodo Trail, several green and eco-friendly elements will, as from this coming edition, be added to the logistic of the trail.

Disposable plastic cups will be replaced by ones made of recycled plastic and which can be reused each year. Furthermore, 20 L water bottles provided by Phoenix Beverages Limited, Silver Sponsor of the Dodo Trail, will be used instead of 0.5L or 1.5L water bottles, so far distributed during the trail.

Hurry Up, Registration closes soon!

Initially planned for 15th June, registrations will close on 24th June. Last year, a record number of 1,300 participated to the trail and we hope to achieve a new record this year by welcoming a maximum of 1,600 trailers.

To date, our website has registered a great number of participants from 16 different countries, namely Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

Our second press conference

On 11th June, at the headquarters of the MTPA, the Dodo Trail team will welcome its partners, sponsors and local journalists for a press conference during which latest news of the trail as well as informative details will be revealed. We wish to point out that we are glad that some of our sponsors and partners have supported us since the first edition of the Dodo Trail in 2011.

See you soon for more news Dodo Trailers!

May Newsletter

The Dodo Trail right on track!

Dear Dodo Trailers,

After the kick-off of the registration on 2nd March, our team is relentlessly working to ensure the smooth running of the trail on 26th July! For the time being, watch out for the latest happenings for the month of April!

Higher and Greener!

In line with our Green commitment, we are pleased to unveil some of the elements that will form part of the trail this year thanks to our close collaboration with our partner, GML Think Green.

“Le Guide de l’Eco-trailer” and “la calculette de l’empreinte écologique” will, without any doubt, be essential tools for those participate regularly in trails. “Le Guide de l’Eco-trailer” provides trailers with tips to put into practice before and during a trail while “la calculette de l’empreinte écologique” is a practical tool which allows one to calculate the impact of his/her consumption and lifestyle on the planet.

Both tools are available on the GML Think Green website. In our next issues, you will discover other innovative ideas of this fifth edition!

And our Sponsors are….

Since the first edition of the Dodo Trail, we have been fortunate to benefit from the valuable support of our various sponsors. This has enabled us to improve our logistics and to welcome even more trailers from all around the world. Our team is proud to announce the list of sponsors for this current edition:

Gold Sponsor: MCB

Silver Sponsors: Heritage Resorts, Le Sport ça me dis (Phoenix Beverages), SWAN Group, MTPA

Bronze sponsors: GML Think Green, Isostar, Apollo Bramwell, Palco, Rentacolor, Air Mauritius, Riverland, Eruption Studio, Emcar Sports

Others: Dodo-Travel & Tours, Farmstead, Les Moulins de la Concordes

Go Go Go!

The number of participants for the four categories of trails is increasing very fast! To date, the Mini Dodo Trail (10km) has registered the greatest number of participants. It is followed by the Ti Dodo Trail (25 km), the Xtreme Dodo Trail (50 km) and the Dodo Fun Run (5 km).

Local trailers, be it professional or amateur runners, will compete with trailers from different countries including Reunion, the United States, France, South Africa, Madagascar and Denmark among others. It is a great pride for our team because it shows the enthusiasm for the Dodo Trail which has quickly positioned itself as an eagerly awaited international event !

The participation of two Dodo Trailers in the UTOP!

Zacchary Herbst and Henri Fayolle, two young Mauritian trailers, participated for the first time in the seventh edition of the l’Ultra-Trail des Ô Plateaux (UTOP) in Madagascar on Saturday, 2nd May 2015. They competed with Malagasy and foreign trailers in the Semi Trail (65 km) category.

The two friends, regular mountain hikers, have been training together since late 2014 with great enthusiasm for this highly anticipated race in Madagascar. Back in Mauritius, they will participate to the Dodo Trail on Sunday, 26th July.

They have received full support from the Dodo Trail team and the Dodo Travel & Tours. Furthermore, the two trailers have organized a fundraising activity with the view of collecting second-hand products for Malagasy in need.

The UTOP will host for its seventh edition 1000 participants in the Ultra Trail (130 km), the Semi Trail (65 km), the T-Trail (30 km) and the Fun Run (10 km). Final results have not been revealed yet.

Straight from our Facebook page!

Vincent Jolivet is the lucky winner of our “Selfie” Facebook contest! He wins a dinner for two at the Hotel Tamarin! Launched in early April, the “Selfie” contest aroused great interest on the Dodo Trail Facebook page and obtained many photos!

See you soon Dodo Trailers!

April Newsletter

Dodo Trail: it’s on again!

Dear Dodo Trailers,

You have all been waiting for it: the Dodo Trail has launched its registrations on the 2nd of March! This 5th edition is highly awaited!


The kickstart was given at the beginning of March. Our website has already registered a total of 275 entrants. For the meantime, the Xtreme Dodo Trailers are 25 and it’s only the beginning! A much appreciated trail for its technical and challenging aspects and one can enjoy its pleasing and satisfying side once accomplished.

On the Mini Dodo Trailers’ side, we have 182 participants whereas the Ti Dodo Trail has registered 52 and the Dodo Fun Run 16 runners.

Cash prizes

In addition to the Finishers’ medal, cash prizes will be given to the first three men and women of the Xtreme Dodo Trail and Ti Dodo Trail!

For our « 100% mountain » course of the Xtreme Dodo Trail, the winners (first woman and first man) will be awarded € 750. The second to cross the finish line will have € 500 and the third € 250.

The Ti Dodo Trail follows the same principle with € 500 for the first price, € 300 for the second price and € 150 for third.

These special awards are the first time in Dodo Trail’s history and we remain the only ones in Mauritius to offer cash prices in this type of competition. For them to always run in good conditions and be able to renew their equipment, our cash prizes should be a much appreciated bonus for our trailers.

The Dodo Trail reinforces its “Green commitment”

Aiming at minimizing the environmental footprint of the Dodo Trail, the organizers decided to significantly reduce the use of plastic cups on refreshment tables. With the support of GML Think Green on this project, we will give each runner a cup made of Polypropylene – 100% eco material, easily recyclable or reusable – that can be used during the race. More information coming soon!

Routes have been enhanced

We have been working on some improvements on our courses so that they can offer our trailers an even more impressive panorama of the island! For example, the 25 kmand 50 km routes are now avoiding the 900 meters of road paved surface between the Gorges’ car park and the entrance of Brise Fer. A great news for our nature lovers!

Special accommodation offers!

Thanks to our partners, Dodo Travel & Tours, you can get prepared at your best to the various trails in a total peace of mind. Indeed three 5 star hotels are available and offering exclusive prices (Le Telfair, Awali and The Villas). Golf, Wi-fi or children services, nothing is left out!

As we innovate every year, for this 5th edition, we have find for you a new partnership with hotel Riu Coral! Located on the west coast of the island at Le Morne, this outstanding hotel offers a beautiful setting ready to welcome our trailers!

More details on our website.

Join the great adventure of the Dodo Trail, we are waiting for you

Registration will be open until June 15, you do not want to miss this 2015 exclusive edition!

See you soon Dodo Trailers…

February Newsletter

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Dear Dodo Trailers,

This year again, you are eagerly waiting to register for the Dodo Trail! Get ready as you will be able to do so as from Monday 2nd March 2015! Our team has been working very hard during the past months to make this trail a unique and unforgettable experience.

Discover our latest news…

Our Gold sponsor is….

The Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)! This new partnership was officially announced during a press conference at the MCB headquarters on Friday 27thFebruary. It is a great honour for Ze Dodo Trail Ltd. to be supported by the MCB, which is always ready to associate itself with local, regional and international events. We now intend to strengthen this collaboration throughout the coming years.

Previous Gold Sponsors of the Dodo Trail were the Heritage Resorts and the brand Crystal of Phoenix Beverages. They are both now among our Silver Sponsors.

Our team thanks all the sponsors who have been supporting us since the first Dodo Trail’s edition in 2011. Their valuable contribution helped us in delivering a great trail in the most beautiful and natural places of the island.

Good news!

This year again, we will be welcoming professional and renowned trailers from different countries to participate in the Dodo Trail. Amongst them are:

  • Ricky Lightfoot, male winner of the XTD 50km 2014
  • Landie Greyling, female winner of the XTD 50km 2014
  • Thabang Madiba, star runner of Team Salomon SA
  • Christian Greyling, star runner of Team Salomon SA

Two European Star Runners will also be among our Dodo Trailers this year. We will soon reveal their names!

The Dodo Trail is pleased to welcome runners of international fame, especially since the Dodo Trail is the first trail to have been officially recognized by the International Federation Sky Running (IFS), making us part of the Sky Running Continental Championship!

Exclusive hotel packages!

We are very happy and proud to notice that the number of foreign runners has been constantly increasing since our first edition. With the help of our partner, Dodo Travel Tours, we have been able to offer exclusive packages in renowned hotels! So expect to be pampered at the Telfair 5 *, Awali 5 *, The Villas 5 * or even Tamarin 3 * among others.

As usual, the packages include the transit from and to the airport as the transport from the hotel the day of the race.

So here you are!

To thank all our Dodo Trailers for their support and to mark our fifth consecutive edition, we offered through a contest on our Facebook page four free tickets (one for each trail category) for the coming edition.

Congratulations to the lucky winners! They are Sebastien Magyari, Noel Sawmy, Devina Moonsamy et Jaivina Bauljeewon ! They win a free ticket for the Xtreme Dodo Trail, the Ti Dodo Trail, the Mini Dodo Trail, and the Dodo Fun Run.

In April, we will launch our next competition! All this being said, stand ready for the opening of registration Monday, March 2nd 2015!

See you soon Dodo Trailers!

January Newsletter

New challenges for a new edition

Dear Dodo Trailers,

Our team wishes you a Happy New Year 2015! First and foremost, be ready for our next edition of the Dodo Trail which we are sure will be equal to its promises and commitments!

2015 marks our fifth consecutive edition!

One, two, three, four, five! Launched in 2011, the Dodo Trail is in its fifth edition! With a participation of 350 runners in 2011, 1330 professionals and amateurs trailers, Mauritian and foreigners, joined us in 2014. We’ve come a long way!

One of our greatest achievements is the donation of Rs 100, 000 to the Mauritius Widelife Foundation last year. This has only been possible thanks to your generous support. To celebrate our fifth edition, why not repeat this feat?

Beyond our boundaries

We are proud that this year, the Dodo Trail will be part of the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) and consequently the Sky Running Continental Championship. What a marvellous step forward for the Dodo Trail and Mauritius! For this coming edition, we can thus expect to welcome on our grounds renowned trailers. An experience which will be exceptional for our local runners who will benefit from the experience of international trailers!

More than just a trail…

Those who have participated to our previous editions will agree that apart from being an endurance race, the Dodo Trail offers participants the incredible opportunity to discover and enjoy in a completely different way exceptional natural places of our little island. Le Morne World Heritage by UNESCO, where the departure of the “Xtreme Dodo Trail” is given, Piton de la Rivière Noire, the highest peak of the island and which is part of the XDT and the Tourelle de Tamarin among others, indulges trailers in panoramic views, unique in the world.

Be ready!

Registration for the fifth edition of Dodo Trail will open soon. Continue to follow us on Facebook for more information. As always, we can count on the support of our various sponsors who, since 2011, motivate us with determination.

Nota Bene

Originally scheduled for the 12th of July, the fifth edition of the Dodo Trail will be held Sunday, July 26, 2015. So quickly book the new date into your diaries…

See you soon Dodo Trailers!