June Newsletter II

Registration closed!

There will be more than 1,250 Dodo Trailers present on the race on July 13. Here are the record of entries for this 4th edition of the Dodo Trail:

  • Xtreme Dodo Trail (XDT): 135 registered
  • Ti Dodo Trail (TDT): 285 registered
  • Mini Dodo Trail (MDT): 625 registered
  • Dodo Fun Run (DFR): 230 registered

Registration for the Dodo Trail is now closed, for those who have not yet made the payment, you have until June 30.

Tips for the D-Day

Training is of course, an imperative to be ready for the D-Day. One of our winners of the previous edition shares a piece of advice: the key is variety. Apart from running, other sports such as swimming and cycling also help to build endurance. One should however be careful not to over-train to avoid exhaustion or injury.

It is of primary importance to choose a track that fits your physical condition. With this in mind, the Dodo Trail offers several tracks ranging from 5km to 50km to suit the different levels of runners.

For those who participate in the 50 km, having appropriate apparel is necessary. Apart from shoes and clothes, which need to be selected carefully, other gears should be considered, especially for longer tracks. A thermal blanket, a head lamp with spare batteries, a whistle, and a pair of gloves for instance might prove useful.

During the trail, one should find his/her own pace. The trail is a matter of endurance and it is therefore better to have a slow but regular pace rather than start in a rush and end up slowing down later.  Also, do not hesitate to take pauses whenever necessary.

The Dodo Trail allows you to enjoy a wonderful landscape but you should also be cautious of details around you such as branches, roots, slippery grounds and rocks to avoid injuries.

Discover the other Mauritius

Mauritius’ scenery is often described as a picture-postcard. While it is a flattering comparison, the trail allows you to go beyond the simple postcard and discover Mauritius differently.

The runners will have the opportunity to discover the wild part of the island through simple pathways. Le Morne, Baie du Cap, La Tourelle du Tamarin, Chamarel, Balack River Gorges as well as other peaks, private properties and villages constituting the beauty of the South West region will be your playing field.

Support from relatives and friends

The Dodo Trail is not reserved for runners. The public, particularly relatives and friends, are also invited to attend this exceptional race.

All runners agree that one of the best sources of motivation through the trail is encouragement from those who are close to you. Cheers, signs, tee-shirts: be creative in your way to express support for your runner.

Do not hesitate to take pictures and videos and share them on the Facebook page of the Dodo Trail. However, certain rules should be respected. For instance, do not step on the tracks/path to avoid blocking the way for the runners.

There will be several stands at the finish line and also animations for those accompanying racers.

Warning: By attending the Dodo Trail, those of you who did not dare to participate in this edition will be convinced to do so for the next!

New trend for running: costumes and accessories!

The Dodo Trail is the occasion to try a new trend among runners: racing in a costume! As a superhero, a Disney character, with a tutu and so on… here’s a way to make the race even more fun.

Nothing would be more creative than using your imagination to conceive the whole costume with your own hands.

Those of you who prefer ready-made costumes will also have a wide range of choices but those coming directly from the stores are not always optimal for a race. Therefore do not hesitate to modify it if needed, to make it more practical.

As for any sports apparel, be mindful of the fabric of your costume. Cotton, spandex and polyester are recommended while it is better to avoid lycra or nylon.

Also do not forget to test the costume before the race. Try training with it, to ensure that it does not impede your moves, or to make further modifications if need be.

The most important point is to be comfortable and have fun!

Sponsor focus: Velogic

Velogic is a company offering services such as freight forwarding, customs clearing, domestic transport, warehousing, container services, shipping services, air cargo GSA, exhibitions, parcel & courier, sugar packaging and stevedoring.

Velogic considers that sport is the best way to convey values such as team work and solidarity. Many of its employees are also sportsmen.

In line with its vision and values, Velogic associated itself to the Dodo Trail since 2013.

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