May Newsletter

The Dodo Trail right on track!

Dear Dodo Trailers,

After the kick-off of the registration on 2nd March, our team is relentlessly working to ensure the smooth running of the trail on 26th July! For the time being, watch out for the latest happenings for the month of April!

Higher and Greener!

In line with our Green commitment, we are pleased to unveil some of the elements that will form part of the trail this year thanks to our close collaboration with our partner, GML Think Green.

“Le Guide de l’Eco-trailer” and “la calculette de l’empreinte écologique” will, without any doubt, be essential tools for those participate regularly in trails. “Le Guide de l’Eco-trailer” provides trailers with tips to put into practice before and during a trail while “la calculette de l’empreinte écologique” is a practical tool which allows one to calculate the impact of his/her consumption and lifestyle on the planet.

Both tools are available on the GML Think Green website. In our next issues, you will discover other innovative ideas of this fifth edition!

And our Sponsors are….

Since the first edition of the Dodo Trail, we have been fortunate to benefit from the valuable support of our various sponsors. This has enabled us to improve our logistics and to welcome even more trailers from all around the world. Our team is proud to announce the list of sponsors for this current edition:

Gold Sponsor: MCB

Silver Sponsors: Heritage Resorts, Le Sport ça me dis (Phoenix Beverages), SWAN Group, MTPA

Bronze sponsors: GML Think Green, Isostar, Apollo Bramwell, Palco, Rentacolor, Air Mauritius, Riverland, Eruption Studio, Emcar Sports

Others: Dodo-Travel & Tours, Farmstead, Les Moulins de la Concordes

Go Go Go!

The number of participants for the four categories of trails is increasing very fast! To date, the Mini Dodo Trail (10km) has registered the greatest number of participants. It is followed by the Ti Dodo Trail (25 km), the Xtreme Dodo Trail (50 km) and the Dodo Fun Run (5 km).

Local trailers, be it professional or amateur runners, will compete with trailers from different countries including Reunion, the United States, France, South Africa, Madagascar and Denmark among others. It is a great pride for our team because it shows the enthusiasm for the Dodo Trail which has quickly positioned itself as an eagerly awaited international event !

The participation of two Dodo Trailers in the UTOP!

Zacchary Herbst and Henri Fayolle, two young Mauritian trailers, participated for the first time in the seventh edition of the l’Ultra-Trail des Ô Plateaux (UTOP) in Madagascar on Saturday, 2nd May 2015. They competed with Malagasy and foreign trailers in the Semi Trail (65 km) category.

The two friends, regular mountain hikers, have been training together since late 2014 with great enthusiasm for this highly anticipated race in Madagascar. Back in Mauritius, they will participate to the Dodo Trail on Sunday, 26th July.

They have received full support from the Dodo Trail team and the Dodo Travel & Tours. Furthermore, the two trailers have organized a fundraising activity with the view of collecting second-hand products for Malagasy in need.

The UTOP will host for its seventh edition 1000 participants in the Ultra Trail (130 km), the Semi Trail (65 km), the T-Trail (30 km) and the Fun Run (10 km). Final results have not been revealed yet.

Straight from our Facebook page!

Vincent Jolivet is the lucky winner of our “Selfie” Facebook contest! He wins a dinner for two at the Hotel Tamarin! Launched in early April, the “Selfie” contest aroused great interest on the Dodo Trail Facebook page and obtained many photos!

See you soon Dodo Trailers!

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