Pre-Race Newsletter

Handy information before the Dodo Trail!

Dear trailers, partners and sponsors,

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Shoes, clothes, bibs, bags, water bottles, accessories… CHECK! We hope that you are all ready for the Dodo Trail! Discover valuable and practical information for the 26th July!

Race pack collection: Saturday 25th July

The Dodo Trail team will distribute the race packs on Saturday 25th July to trailers between 10:30 and 16:30 at Riverland Sport Centre in Tamarin. Please note that no race packs will be distributed on the day of the race. However, on Saturday 25thJuly, it can be collected by a friend or family member. Also, payment must be finalised before the collection of the race packs. On Sunday 26th July, bibs must be worn at chest height.

At 16:30 sharp, the organisers of the Dodo Trail will hold a briefing on the forthcoming race. Moreover, in order to give trailers a glimpse of the D-Day, non-stop entertainment will take place at Riverland! So, be there!

Assistance bags

Assistance bags will be distributed to participants of the XDT, TDT and MDT. These bags should be used to put personal effects, except valuables, not exceeding more than 5 kg and must be collected at Riverland Sport Centre after the race because they will be destroyed within 48 hours.

Bus departure

For all races, except for the Dodo Fun Run, buses will be available from Riverland to the different starting points. Payment of Rs125 should before the D-Day.

Bus departure will be as follows:

  • 04h00 : Xtreme Dodo Trail (XDT 50km)
  • 06h45 : Ti Dodo Trail (TDT 25km)
  • 07h45: Mini Dodo Trail (MDT 10km).

An exciting day!

All necessary steps have been taken to ensure a flawless set-up on the day of the race. Important points to be noted are:

  • A parking space will be available at Paul & Virginie School, across the road to Riverland Sports Centre
  • The finish line of all 3 races as well as the start and the finish line of the Dodo Fun Run will be on the football pitch of the Riverland Sport Center in Tamarin. The finish setup will include showers, changing rooms, toilets, partners stands, marquees, bar and food court.
  • Prize giving Dodo Fun Run (DFR 5kms) and Mini Dodo-Trail (MDT 10Kms) : 13h00
  • Prize giving Ti Dodo-Trail (TDT 25kms) and Xtreme Dodo-Trail (XDT 50Kms) : 15h00
  • There will have lots of animation at Riverland during the day: kids’ castle, lucky draw, music etc… Moreover, our partners will help you discover great deals and interesting things on their stands! Our exhibitors are:
  • MCB
  • Heritage Resorts
  • GML Think Green
  • Sport Era
  • Helios
  • Riverland Sport Center
  • Garmin
  • Emcar Sports
  • Simis
  • Isostar
  • Veg Me !
  • Bite Me
  • Coco-up
  • Nabridas
  • Izumi
  • Baraka


You are all undoubtedly ready to go! Nothing can beat a beautiful day in the west of the island with magnificent scenery! Below is the schedule of arrivals and departures of the four categories of races:

  • 5.30am: Departure of XDT 50km at Le Morne
  • 8.00am: Departure of TDT 25km at the parking of Gorges de la Rivière Noire
  • 9.00am: Departure course of MDT 10km at Riverview Commercial Centre
  • 9.00am: Departure of DFR 5km at Riverland
  • 9.30am: Arrival of first runners of the DFR 5km (approximately)
  • 10.00am: Arrival of first runners of MDT 10km (approximately)
  • 10.45am: Arrival of first runners of TDT 25km (approximately)
  • 11.30am: Arrival of first runners of XDT 50km (approximately)
  • 1.00pm: Prize giving of DFR 5Kms and MDT 10kms
  • 3.00pm: Prize giving of TDT 25km and XDT 50km

The last press conference of Dodo Trail 2015

On Friday 24th July, The Mauritius Commercial Bank will host the last press conference of this edition at the MCB of St Jean. The organizers of the Dodo Trail and the MCB will officially present the star runners to the members of the press. This year, they come from different countries and in great number! The star runners are:

  • Ricky Lightfoot (UK)
  • Landie Greyling (SA)
  • Christiaan Greyling (SA)
  • Simon Paillard (FR)
  • Thabang Madiba (SA)
  • Laura Orgue (ES)
  • Maité Majora (ES)
  • Estrine Rasoa (MAD)
  • Anthonio Randrianantenaina (MAD)
  • Fabrice Hoareau (RUN)
  • Estelle Carrot (RUN)


See you all on Sunday 26th July!

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