July Newsletter


Here we are Dodo Trailers! After several months of organising this fifth edition, we are only a few days away from our famous race!

Registration is over

On Wednesday 24th June, registrations officially closed with a new record! 1570 participants will be part of our exciting adventure on Sunday July 26th! The Mini Dodo Trail (10 km) has registered the greatest number of participants: 948. It is followed by the Ti Dodo Trail (25 km) with 355 participants, the Dodo Fun Run (5 km), 172 participants and the Xtreme Dodo Trail (50km), 95 participants. Moreover, this year, participants come from over 25 countries including Australia, Germany, Denmark, Reunion, South Africa, Italy and the United States.

Ready to hear another great news? Our team is on the verge of breaking another record! The Dodo Trail 2015’s edition will host a bevy of world’s best trailers! This will for sure encourage our local trailers to give the best of themselves on July 26th!

The international trailers are:

  • Landie Greyling
  • Ricky Lightfoot
  • Christian Greyling
  • Simon Paillard
  • Thabang Madiba
  • Laura Orgue
  • Maïté Majora

The second press conference of the Dodo Trail 2015

On the 11th of June, Yannick Doger de Speville, Yan Maroussem and Dominique Doger de Speville hosted the second press conference of the Dodo Trail at MTPA’s headquarters in Port Louis. Partners and sponsors of the Dodo Trail as well as members of the press were present during the press conference which marked the launch of this fifth edition.

Our respective sponsors and partners shared their enthusiasm for this iconic race and the support they provide to Dodo Trail, for some, since the first edition. Moreover, we are happy that our sponsors encourage their employees to participate in the trail!

During the press conference, our team highlighted ecological measures that will be effective as from this edition. They are the following:

  • Glasses made of recycled plastic and reusable annually will replace disposable plastic cups.
  • 20 liters water bottles will replace 0.5 and 1.5 L bottles distributed so far during the trail.
  • A bin made out of recycled materials at Riverland to collect plastic bottles used during the trail. These will be subsequently collected for recycling, for example into polyester fiber, for the manufacture of sports shirt.
  • “Le Guide de l’Eco Trailer” will be available to participants in the Dodo Trail booklet and aims at showing the trailers the right moves to adopt before and during the race.

The last conference of the Dodo Trail 2015 will be held on Friday, July 24th at the MCB in St Jean.


The Dodo Trail is surrounded by several sponsors, all of them fully motivated to be part of our trail! Here is the complete list of our sponsors:

Gold Sponsor

The Mauritius Commercial Bank

Silver sponsors

Heritage Resorts, MTPA, Swan Group & Phoenix Beverages

Bronze Sponsors

GML Think Green, Air Mauritius, Emcar Sports, Isostar, Apollo Branwell, Riverland, Palco Trading, Eruption Studio & Rentacolor

Other sponsors

Dodo Travel & Tours, Farmstead, Les Moulins de la Concorde & Racing Madagascar

The Dream Team

Behind the scenes of the Dodo Trail, our team works non-stop! Year after year, the Dodo Trail team offers an extraordinary experience to the growing number of participants. We are pleased to introduce you to our team!

  • Yannick Doger de Speville: Marketing & Communication Director
  • Yan De Maroussem: Race Director
  • Dominique Doger de Speville: Volunteers & Logistics Director
  • Christophe Doger de Speville: Logistics & Administration Coordinator
  • Vany Mardiapoulle: Accounts & Administration Coordinator
  • Krish Hardowar: Logistics & Safety Coordinator
  • Jérôme Désiré: Animator & Race Coordinator
  • Tim Cartwright: Web Master
  • Fabien Halbwachs: Food & Beverages Coordinator
  • Joel Jullienne: Logistics Coordinator
  • Jerome Gourrege: Logistics Coordinator
  • Jean-Maurice Mamet: Race Time Coordinator
  • Laurence Goilot: Volunteers Coordinator
  • Kevin Nairn: Designer
  • David Camus: Medical-Staff Coordinator

More THRILL!!!

With the view of offering an outstanding race to participants, our team has brought forward a slight change to the Ti Dodo Trail (25km) and the Xtreme Dodo Trail (50 km). Participants will no longer run through the Chassé Senneville but through a more natural and wild path!

See you soon for more news!