• Date

    Sunday 5th July 2020

  • Starting Line

    Black River Gorges

  • Finish Line

    Riverland Sports Center

  • Distance

    25 km

  • Maximum Altitude

    828 m

  • Vertical Climb

    1500 m

  • Start Time

    8 am

  • Estimated Winner's Time

    2 hours 30 minutes

  • Maximum Race Time

    10 hours

  • Number of Runners

    500 maximum

  • Refreshment Points


CHECK POINTParking des GorgesKiosque de Maccabée view point PétrinTamarinier MatalaTourelleRIVERLAND
Kilometre XTREME06162025
Alitude (m)75577352802
ETA 1st runner8:008:409:159:4010:30
CUT OFF TIME TROOPER15:3017:0019:00

Trail Previous Results



Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km – Winner (Men and Women)

  • Trophy
  • Registration fees for Dodo Trail 2020 waived
  • Souvenir gifts


Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km – Runner-up (Men and Women)

  • Trophy
  • Souvenir gifts


Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km – Third Place (Men and Women)

  • Trophy
  • Souvenir gifts


Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km – Fourth Place (Men and Women)

  • Trophy
  • Souvenir gifts


Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km – Fifth Place (Men and Women)

  • Trophy
  • Souvenir gifts


Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km – Mauritian Winner (Men and Women)

  • Trophy
  • Souvenir gifts

Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km | 1,500 m+

The Dodo Trail TROOPER starts in the Black River Gorges. It merges with the Dodo Trail XTREME 50 km track about 800 m from the starting line, until the Riverland Sports Centre in Tamarin.

Trailers will run straight to the Radier, 1,200 m ahead (PK 3 on the trail map). They will then follow a 4×4 track that climbs continuously over 5 km to an elevation of 650 m, through Plateau Remousse and Camphrier. Once they reach a flat section of trail at Macchabée, trailers will keep their left towards the Macchabée Kiosk and onwards to the 7.2 km mark and the first water station at PK 4. During this segment of the race, participants will have an opportunity to admire panoramic views over Mauritius’ western region.

Runners should stay focused when negotiating the track at Zepol, as the trail reaches an incline of over 30%. 

The trail then follows a short section of 4×4 track before continuing downhill on a steep gradient. An even 4×4 track will lead trailers back to the Black River Gorges parking area.

After 200 m, trailers will Filwil track, then will follow a rocky and technical path down to a river where runners will climb a stile and enter the Matala hunting ground.

Next, the participants will follow a 4×4 track over 4 km. This section is dry, with the yellowish grass and stocky, drought-resistant trees typical of the Tamarin region. The track leads to a stream, then to a fence where a property known as Matala awaits, alongside the second water station.

The trail then climbs for 1,000 m and turns left through a third private property

known as St. Martin. Thereafter, it will take the runners onto the race’s final peak, la Tourelle de Tamarin, at 548 m of altitude, via a steep, rocky and wild single track. A water station will be available at the 20 km mark (PK 6).

The track back down to the finish line is highly technical. It involves a descent of the entire mountain face, through a number of steep, dusty and rocky sections.

After almost 400 m of downhill, the trail merges with a 4×4 track that runners will follow back down to the foot of the mountain. The trail remains relatively flat then makes its way through the forest towards the banks of the Tamarin River.

The final section of the race is shady and cool. It follows a path between the Paul & Virginie School and the river bank, straight down to the Riverland Sports Centre and the finish line.

Classification and Prizes

The first three men and women in each category will be awarded a medal:

  • Senior (1976-95)
  • Veteran 1 (1966-75)
  • V2 (1956-65)
  • V3 (1946-55)
  • V4 (-1945)

PREPARING FOR THE Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km | 1,500 m+